Q. Does Stonehenge offer online reporting?

A.  Yes. Stonehenge has reporting available 24/7 to you and your Board members with the most current data available in the Collection Process system (Stonehenge ReportCenter). In addition, reports may be scheduled to be delivered to your email mailbox upon demand.

Q. Will Stonehenge Trustee Services (Stonehenge) attend Board meetings with me to discuss my Association’s collection accounts?

A. Yes. Stonehenge will attend board meetings at no cost to you to discuss our services or a particular account.

Q. Some collection companies do not accept partial payments or payment plans. Do you accept partial payments and offer payment plans?

A. Yes. Stonehenge accepts partial payments and offers a variety of flexible payment plan options to assist your homeowner. Stonehenge’s goal is to collect delinquent homeowner assessments quickly, efficiently, and effectively—not to alienate the homeowners or foreclose on their property

Q: What sorts of services does Stonehenge offer prospective clients?

A: Stonehenge offers non-judicial foreclosure services as well as bankruptcy monitoring, proofs of claim, payment plan implementation, education for Associations, pay off/short sale negotiations, and small claims assistance. Stonehenge can refer you to one of our experienced attorneys to review and determine if judicial foreclosure is warranted.

Q: How can we submit a new file?

A:  New files may be submitted through e-mail, online through the website or by mail.

Q: We have decided to employ Stonehenge.  How do we set up a new HOA?

A: Please contact Stonehenge Trustee Services (Stonehenge) by phone or e-mail and submit the CC&R’s, By Laws, Articles of Incorporation and Collection Policy for your Association.  We will contact you with any questions and provide you with your Stonehenge Trustee contract.

Q: How can I receive an update on an account submitted to Stonehenge?

A: Please log in to the Stonehenge ReportCenter or contact a Stonehenge representative who will provide you with up to date information.

Q: Who can sign the Decision to Record a Lien?

A: The Decision to Record (DTR) a Lien must be signed by a Board member at an open meeting after it has been approved by a majority vote of the Board. The DTR cannot be delegated to an agent of the Board.

Q. What is a non-judicial foreclosure?

A. Non-judicial foreclosure is based upon an Association assessment lien and culminates with a Trustee Sale.

Q. Can the Board accept partial payments?

A. Yes. Partial payments can be accepted and is often recommended that the Board do so; however, we recommend contacting Stonehenge Trustee Services before accepting a partial payment so not to possibly jeopardize a pending foreclosure conducted by Stonehenge.

Q. What happens if a Homeowner misses a payment during an agreed upon payment plan?

A. The answer is dependent upon how the Board of Directors decides to proceed.  For example, why was the payment missed?  Stonehenge recommends that each situation be treated individually for an effective and efficient resolution. Stonehenge can assist the Board of Directors in this process.