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Below is an illustration of the Delinquent Assessment Lien and Non-Judicial Foreclosure Process.  Each step details the number of days that must transpire before moving on to the next phase of the process. 

1. Activation
The Homeowners Association refers the delinquent file to our office.

2. Pre-lien
A notice of an intent to lien is sent to the delinquent owner’s property and mailing address advising them that their account is in collections. If the amount remains unpaid for thirty-five (35) days Stonehenge will record a lien.

35 days after the pre-lien

3. Lien
Notice is sent to the delinquent owner’s property and mailing address that Stonehenge has recorded a lien against the property in reference to the association collection policy.

30 days after the lien

4. Notice of Default
Stonehenge records a Notice of Default if the delinquent account is over one year delinquent or the amount owed in delinquent assessments is over $1,800.

90 days after the Notice of Default

5. Notice of Sale
Stonehenge records a Notice of Sale and notifies the delinquent property owners by mail of the upcoming foreclosure sale.

NO LESS THAN 21 days after the Notice of Sale

6. Trustee’s Sale
Stonehenge conducts a foreclosure sale.

90 days after the sale of the property

7. Ninety day Redemption Period
The owner(s) has up to ninety (90) days to redeem their property after the trustee’s sale via a payment in full. If a payment in full is not received on or before ninety (90) days after the sale, that property owner(s) is no longer able to redeem the property.

90 days after the expiration of the redemption period

8. File Termination
The file is now closed in our office.