we Make Association Collections
Simple and Effective

Stonehenge Trustee Services specializes in the collection of community association assessments primarily through the use of the non-judicial foreclosure process. Working together with our clients — Property Management Firms, Homeowner Association Board Members, and their community — Stonehenge helps resolve delinquency assessment cases with care and expediency, always with an eye on customer satisfaction.

Stonehenge specialties:

  • Non-judicial foreclosure
  • Judicial foreclosure review
  • Small claims
  • Payment plans
  • Bankruptcy monitoring, review, and processing the proof of claim
  • Flexible monthly reporting
  • Online reporting
  • Client education (see our Lunch & Learn below.)

Not every file that comes through our office is the same. The Stonehenge Trustee staff carefully evaluates each case to determine which collection method — Non-judicial foreclosure, judicial foreclosure, or small claims —  is appropriate.

Lunch & Learn

Stonehenge is your full service partner.  Want to learn more about the Stonehenge Advantage?  Contact us for a Lunch & Learn and we will tailor an education session for your company’s specific questions on industry topics and Stonehenge’s full array of services offered.  We know your time is valuable.  Let Stonehenge help you with our no cost, convenient, informative and effective Lunch and Learn sessions at your office

Prefer a personal consultation or presentation to an upcoming meeting?  Stonehenge will gladly assist you.  Simply Contact us with your specific request.

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